Before you cancel group for the night

Rejoice in the Lord always. Again I say rejoice.
— Phillipians 4:3


When your schedule gets packed, get creative with your group meeting. Let cancelling
be the last option to help with consistency of the group and building of friendships.

3 questions to ask yourself before canceling your group:

1. Can another member of the group host in my place? (When I’m out of town, not
feeling well, or having have work/family obligations)

  • YES! Of course they can. Many times other people are just waiting for you to ask.

  • You will be happily surprised when other members step up to lead for you.

  • We all need breaks and it’s ok if you can’t lead your group…take turns in hosting at other homes, too!

2. Would another day/time work better for everyone this week?

  • The whole group is booked on the normal “Tuesday” night… see how many can do a Friday dinner or a Saturday lunch for that week.

  • It’s OK to change your group to a different day. We get it! Seasons of life change.

  • Think about alternating every other Tuesday, every other Saturday… so many options for scheduling are available to you!

3. Am I looking forward to my group?

  • Sometimes changing up the format or style of the group is all you need to bring fresh excitement to you and your friends!

  • A great way to bring life to your group is to change up the format.

  • Poll your group to see what they would like to study! Ask church staff for new group materials! We’ve got some great ones.

  • Plan a fun event in place of your group the next week.

  • Go bowling, get sushi, take a Saturday hike together.

“Building friendships can happen in your group outside of your home… just get a little creative!”